Personal Consultations

Have your diet analyzed and receive a new diet plan formulated to help you achieve your personal goals, be they for sporting gains or for optimizing your health.

You will be asked to complete a three day food diary which will be assessed before your consultation. During your consultation you will be informed of how your current diet matches up to scientific recommendations. Also at this one hour one to one consultation a diet plan will be agreed to fit around your tastes and day to day commitments. You will then be provided with a nutrition report including a weekly diet plan and suggested recipes.

Monthly 30 minute follow up appointments will help monitor your nutritional status, provide new ideas for your diet plan, and keep you on track to attaining your personal nutrition goals.


First appointment 1hr: £90

Follow up appointment 30min: £45

Team talks/ public speaking 1hr 30min: £180

Discounts for students and multiple bookings.

Sports & Exercise Nutrition

Nutritional intake analysis:

Your dietary intake can be analyzed to provide you with a report of how your current dietary intake compares to recommended standards for your age, sex and activity levels. Dietary modifications to assess any deficiencies will then be discussed along with practical solutions including daily diet plans.

Performance nutrition plan:

Following nutritional intake analysis a weekly nutrition plan can be devised to fit around your training schedule and other daily commitments. This can be tailored to address personal performance goals whether increasing muscle, decreasing fat, aiding recovery from training sessions, avoiding over-training, or improving performance.

Race day nutrition:

A comprehensive eating and drinking plan can be formulated for a particular major event or competition. This will include a plan for 1 week pre-competition, competition day, and recovery nutrition. The pros and cons of ergogenic aids and supplements will be discussed to help you make an informed decision on these products.

Body composition analysis:

With the use of skin-fold calipers and girth measurements I can assess whole body and site specific fat and muscle stores, and importantly monitor changes over time in response to dietary and training modifications. This can be reported in relation to the elite standard for your particular sport, sex and age group.

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Health Nutrition

Weight management:

Avoid damaging faddy diets and weight yo-yoing, and receive motivational therapy to enable healthy weight loss for long-term maintainable results.

Blood sugar control:

Helping you gain control over your diabetes through in depth education on glycaemic index, carbohydrate portions, and your diabetes medication to give you more freedom in your diet. Blood sugar control during exercise.

Blood lipid control:

Cholesterol and triglyceride reducing diet counseling.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Discover how to gain control over your condition through dietary manipulation using the FODMAP diet.

Diet for Kidney Failure:

Helen has worked in the area of renal dietetics for over 7 years. Helen can advise on appropriate salt, potassium, phosphate and protein allowances to prevent progression of kidney disease, and improve your quality of life.

Nutrition Support:

Any chronic illness can severely deplete nutritional stores. Receive counseling on ideal body composition and monitoring as well as advise on food fortification and prescribeable nutritional supplements.